Giving up - May 10th and 11th - Auckland

A Deconstructed Film Experience - Live
Starring: Ant Glyph, ensemble of actors

Starts: 10 May 2014

Enter the mind of a madman…in a unique deconstructed film experience ‘Giving Up’ relives the multifaceted story of a boy growing up in 1970’s Dunedin, who discovers more than he ever expects about life and sexuality at his older brother’s flat party. His inspirational but challenging journey will leave you both entertained and inspired.

Created by prolific artist, writer and film maker AntGlyph - aka Anthony Piggott - and supported by a formidable army of talent, ‘Giving Up’ invites the audience to participate in a journey through the mind and life of the artist through experiential use of film, live performance and music, with all three theatres in action for a marathon of 12 hours each day.

"Intimate scenes are witnessed, love is explored in graphic detail, passion is captured and smeared on the walls. This is an explosion of ideas… from a very troubled mind combined with an insight into human nature that goes beyond stating the obvious."

The audience will be witness to their own unique journey through Ant’s imagination. Featuring a 90 minute rotating play - with six performances each day, thirteen performers playing 26 roles, art installations, screenings of films made by the Fledge collective over the last three years, live performances by Fledge musicians and much much more... whatever time you arrive, and whether you stay two hours or 12 we guarantee an experience like no other.