Natalie slade

Natalie Slade is a singer/ songwriter who works on a range of musical projects.

She was born in Oz, but is based in Quake City, New Zealand. The music she makes is influenced by all the genres she loves; jazz, soul, funk, spoken word & hip hop, electronic, and alternative forms of pop.

She says of her own music “Lyrics are my thing… I love the process of writing and of creating something beautiful with my band or producer buddies”.

Slade & The Real

As one of the newest bands to hit the scene, Slade & The Real have already caught the ears and eyes of the local musos and punters alike. Their Genre-blending mash up style incorporates elements of hip hop, rock, nu-school soul & funk. The four piece is made up of Natalie Slade on vocals, Bazi Baker on guitar, Michael Story on Bass and Iona Ulaula on drums.

Check out Natalie Slade's facebook page here

Scruffy & Slade

Scruffy & Slade is a DJ / vocal duo that plays tight sets made up of hip hop, soul, and electronic goodness. Decknology winner / sound engineer / producer and RDU radio host Bryden Joe, combines with soulful singer / songwriter Natalie Slade to make ya hips wiggle and ya mouth giggle

Slash & Slade

Slash and Slade is a Trans-Tasman band made up of Slade & Pro (aka Natalie Slade & Pro/gram). Pro/gram is a hip hop producer from Sydney and Slade is a soulful singer songwriter based in Christchurch. The two make music online or sometimes face to face, without the boundaries of genre, but with the only aim of making music that they absolutely love.