Lukas has a constant array of projects on the go, inspired by the unique runs of life he has come across. A gifted musician at the core, with an extraordinary ear for music, enables a distinct sound that reflects his unique style throughout various genres. Kelly has played the guitar from a young age, and knows the instrument inside out, gifting him the ability to play in various tunings he creates dependent on his inspiration. Often his acoustic melodies shine through in his music, and often invites other musicians and vocalists to accompany his tracks. 

As a result the music captures a beautiful and soulful deep sound that is light and uplifting. Often the tracks begin with creating an atmosphere, that compels a sense of compressed sound where the listener is suggested that further down the track there is an energy about to be released. 

Late 2015 he is looking to release his first single under ASKE, featuring vocalist Ed Waaka and Co Producer Devin Abrams. This will be followed by a release of his first EP 'Unspent Moments'.

Lukas besides his own projects, is working with various musicians as a producer or adding value as a musician on their own projects. Previously he has working alongside Laura Hunter, a singer-songwriter from Christchurch, producing her first album. Their work ranges from acoustic, soul, pop, to hip hop, drum and base and electro.