Laura Hunter, 20, is a young, up-and-coming Singer Songwriter from Christchurch, New Zealand, that has recently released two debut singles ‘Don’t Be Afraid To Love’ & ‘Driving in a Straight Line’ produced by Lukas Kelly. Her Debut EP will be released in early 2013. With thanks to the support of Amplifier, the music will be digitally available on iTunes, Amplifier, Spotify, Vodafone, Telecom, and Bandit, furthermore Bandcamp and Laura began playing her own acoustic live gigs at venues in Christchurch late 2011 singing both originals and covers. During the final year of her university degree in Mass Communications at Canterbury University, Laura began collaborating with Lukas, developing and experimenting with their sound for Laura’s album. Having been taken under the wing of successful and talented musicians from Fledge, (Ben Campbell, Hera, House of Mountain) and internationally successful Tali, Laura has had a very successful first year beginning her music career. Attending one of Tali’s MC lyricist workshops, their relationship grew into Tali becoming both an amazing friend and music mentor for Laura, giving her the opportunity to feature on the track “Festivally Skank” on her newly released album. She will be performing the song live with Tali at Rhythm and Alps Music festival this year. They have further plans to collaborate on more tracks together one of which will be on Laura’s Album. Laura was also the lead singer in her local Christchurch band Goodbye Blue Sky, and an MC/Singer alongside MC Jenna Lynn in 7 piece electro band Superfood.

 With Lukas having produced tracks in a range of genres, from acoustic, to hip hop, pop, drum and base and electro, Laura enjoyed the diverse genres of songs that they were developing. They have recently focused their sound to “electro-pop” whilst recording the EP individually over the past two months in Mangawhai, Northland. Having an underlying acoustic foundation, is something both Laura and Lukas wanted to keep as a strong element in the songs, as that is what they are admired for from their live acoustic gigs. However their joined passion for electro, drum and bass, dance music, is which lead them to taking the direction of a more upbeat sound. The single ‘Don’t Be Afraid To Love’ is an upbeat, acoustic meets electro and drum and bass, pop song. Its lyrics express following love, and the love for music, and how often the two intertwine. The Debut EP, released in January, will feature 4-5 tracks as an initial taster of what to expect for Laura’s album, we hope you enjoy.Currently putting together more of an upbeat live set the plan is to tour the new music over the summer. You will be able to follow their trail by linking up with Laura’s Facebook page.