Jed & Hera, a musical duo described  as ‘Street Folk’, have been playing music together as an acoustic duo for the past two years. A ‘Jed & Hera’ concert is filled with uplifting yet bittersweet songs; a crafted performance that is charming yet not without its dark moments; and a pleasure on the ears with clever lyricism mixed with beautiful melodies and vocal harmonies. Folk music is clearly a strong influence in the duo's songwriting and sound, from traditional, right through to the modern alternative folk artists. Jed & Hera are embarking on an overseas tour in November, heading to Iceland where they will play at ‘’Iceland Airwaves’’ - one of the most exciting music festivals in the world (that’s actually what it says if you google-it) before touring Hera’s home country and hitting New York and LA on their way home.

Hera (vocals & guitar) is an award-winning musician who calls New Zealand home, but hails from Iceland where she has had a gold record, support slots for Joe Cocker and Nick Cave, and high-rotation radio play. Her music has taken her all around the world, even to festivals such as SXSW in Texas and the immortal Glastonbury festival in the UK. Her music is noticeably unique and has been influenced strongly by dual emotional investment in both of her cultures. 

Jed Parsons is a drummer of skins, a strummer of strings, and a singer who sings - a true multi-instrumentalist who is fully submerged in the musical elements. He was a winner of Mike Chunn’s Play it strange songwriting competition in 2010, and has been involved in a multitude of musical projects since, including playing drums in rock band House of Mountain, hip hop/electro band Odyssey and psychedelic rock band Douglas Ross, while gaining a Bachelor of Musical Arts from the prestigious Christchurch Jazz School.


  Jed & Hera have released their debut album as a duet - ‘Live at York St’ which, in its first week of release, entered the official NZ album charts  at number 13.

Jed & Hera have released their debut album as a duet - ‘Live at York St’ which, in its first week of release, entered the official NZ album charts  at number 13.

“For our first album as a duo, we wanted to stay as true to ourselves and our sound as possible. We felt that by recording completely live, the energy and the meaning behind our songs could be captured. The end result is an album of stripped back arrangements of our songs that hopefully encapsulate the beauty that exists within an imperfect, raw and honest performance - as you would experience it live.”

‘’This pair have produced a timeless, hidden gem’’
James Belfield - The Sunday news



‘’Through writing about the raw emotions in their heart, Jed & Hera say to the listener, come and feel what we feel, come and see who we are and what we care about, come share our pain and our joy, and that is what makes this album work.
Though it's just Jed & Hera with their voices, a guitar and a snare drum, they don't need anymore. The richness of the album comes from their willingness to be emotionally honest.’’

‘’Live At York Street is beautifully and thoughtfully put together and very easy to listen to. The music and lyrics set a mellow, autumnal mood perfectly, and the fact that the album was recorded live gives the album a warmth not often found in music. Every song on the album tingles with the energy that comes from live performances: the tension of getting it right and the bluffing that comes when the song changes form in the spontaneity of mistakes. I am looking forward to seeing what Jed & Hera next release and where they go from here. A definite listen for anyone who enjoys great, local music!’’
Jo Murgatroyd - Libel Music


‘’I went along to the wine cellar to see jed & hera play their auckland album release show, i guess. and holy crap, was it fantastic. their music has always been so stunning, and hearing it live was a treasure. There are gigs that you enjoy, gigs that you appreciate. there are gigs that you love. but, occasionally, if you’re extremely lucky, you’ll go to a gig where you’ll want to be nowhere else. gigs that make you so extremely happy. you feel like you’ve never been so happy before, like you would rather be nowhere else at all.’’

Ash Shields - Author and Producer @ Bfm radio