In the Living room

Hi everyone! as you may have heard, we're excited to say we will be heading to Iceland and America this November! To celebrate (and to help us get there) we are preparing something very special...

*This Weekend: Friday 29th, Saturday 30th August + Extra show added Sunday 31st August* - 7pm *secret location

Here you can request an invite to 'Jed & Hera - In the Living Room' which will be two very limited capacity shows, where we will debut what we are preparing for the Iceland Airwaves festival and the USA. 

Come join us in a transformed venue, in the home of the Secret Garden... This is much more than a concert invite, and will include some special guests/treats/surprises on the night! We are determined to make this event as memorable and magical as the last. *Watch the 'Secret Garden' video here below 

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