Devilish Mary and the Holy Rollers

FRIDAY 7th February - 12.00 - 1.00 pm - Art Beat


Imagine this if you will... you're in a small town dancehall, sometime in 1930s Texas. It's hot, the beer and the bourbon are flowing, and it's packed to the rafters with people wanting to dance away the hard times. All that's needed is the music to get them moving. Thankfully, Dev'lish Mary and her Lame Horse Layabouts are here, tuning up their instruments for an evening's wild and raucous country dance music. Blending foot-stomping Western Swing tunes with Gypsy Jazz stylings, fiery fiddle tunes and a few slow-dance torch songs, they'll have you smiling and swirling till you collapse in a dishevelled heap on the sawdust floor. 

Devilish Mary (that's Miss Anita Clark to you) will be sawing up a Kansas summer storm on her fiddle, and stealing your heart with her soaring, sultry singing. She'll be ably assisted by John (Boy) Sneddon, thumping and slapping his Grandaddy's big double bass, and Mister Simon Gregory plucking and strumming on his shiny red guitar like a man possessed. 

After a hard day in the cotton fields or the telegraph office, this is what everyone's been waiting for, to hear the hot new musical styles of the '30s, and forget their woes for one more evening... Dev'lish Mary and the Cold Hearted Scoundrels are here to play for you. 

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