Natalie Slade and the Real

SATURDAY 21st December - 1pm - 2pm - Art Beat


Natalie Slade was born in Oz, but is based in Quake City, New Zealand. The music she makes is influenced by all the genres she loves; jazz, soul, funk, spoken word & hip hop, electronic, and alternative forms of pop.

She says of her own music “Lyrics are my thing… I love the process of writing and of creating something beautiful with my band or producer buddies”.

As one of the newest bands to hit the scene, Slade & The Real have already caught the ears and eyes of the local musos and punters alike. Their Genre-blending mash up style incorporates elements of hip hop, rock, nu-school soul & funk. The four piece is made up of Natalie Slade on vocals, Bazi Baker on guitar, Michael Story on Bass and Iona Ulaula on drums.

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