Dyad Duo

FRIDAY 27th December - 12 - 1pm - Art Beat

Dyad was formed in 2012 in the city of Christchurch, New Zealand. The duo consists of two guitarists: Bix Zhang andGlenn Forrest.

The idea of Dyad came into fruition after the pair both studied through a Bachelors of Musical Arts degree, majoring in Jazz Arranging and Composition at the Christchurch Polytechnic Jazz School. As the pair developed their individual playing and sounds they came together frequently to perform at functions and other gigs. The usual material they would cover were jazz standards and gypsy jazz with the occasional Spanish flamenco gig.

What was discovered after a number of years performing together was that there was a strong cohesion between the player's playing and that ideas came freely. Any idea one player would come up with would be immediately backed up or embellished by the other player. Original music was born through constant performances and playing as a duo, which inevitably led to the creation of Dyad.

Dyad's music can be said to have influences from both Zhang and Forrest which means that the list ranges from John Mayer, to jazz giants such as Frank Gambale, all the way to metal groups such as Animals as Leaders.


Listen: dyadmusic.bandcamp.com/