My Cousin Vinny

SATURDAY 7th December - 11am- 12.30pm - Art Beat

My Cousin Vinny - Ben Eldridge & Brad Banks guitar duo

Ben Eldridge and Brad Banks have known each other for around 15 years now but this is their first collaboration and represents a new project.

Brad is a well-established guitar player in the New Zealand music scene and has performed with artists such as Dave Dobbyn, Dukes and Mandy Pickering as well as nurturing his own project The Lapelles.

Ben Eldridge is back in Christchurch after having spent almost a decade in Auckland. In the past he has been a member of Heavy Jones Trio, The Reduction Agents and has collaborated with people like Lawrence Arabia, LA Mitchell and Nadia Reid.

The duo performs material ranging from classic jazz standards to more modern pieces as well as some pop tunes. Though the collaboration is relatively new the duo have already notched up quite a few gigs in a wide variety of settings – such is the versatility of the format. Expect to see more of these chaps around the new Christchurch this summer.