Chester Travis

FRIDAY 6th December - 12 - 1pm - Art Beat

This is a true story.

Daniel Ogden-Travis was born in the summer of 1987 at a small hospital in Christchurch, New Zealand. However, his birth certificate wasn’t signed immediately, nor even soon. And two months later his father, on a whim, named him Chester Sebation Ogden-Travis, not only misspelling his middle name, but changing his first altogether. His mother would find out later that evening.

In years to come, Chester would learn to write. Penning his way into several gold stars at primary school, his sally into secondary school writing would see him winning prizes of a more coveted nature. Here he would stage his own plays, and use winning words to talk him out of many fights with the school bully, Russian exchange student, Yakov.

At fourteen, he was whisked away across the seas for upwards of a year. He travelled with his family through most of Europe and a division of Africa. Missing the family piano, and marooned on a barge in very rural France, Chester would ride his hired bike into the sprawling vineyards, sitting there for hour upon hour. It was here he learned to play guitar. Later he would release several EPs and play shows up and down the country, being compared by treasured local paper The Press to “Chris Martin, on a sad day.” Taking these encouraging words, he would go on to score multiple short films and a full length documentary.

Studying Fine Arts at the University of Canterbury, and majoring in Film, Chester further developed his interest in storytelling. Over the years he produced a series of films and animations, while actively taking part in the campus theatre society. Subsequently, in 2008, Chester received funding to write and produce a full length play. An Evening With Paul and Chester sold out three consecutive nights at Christchurch’s Great Hall and spawned a variety of tee shirts and bumper stickers. Following this, he packed up his belongings and set off into the world. This time alone.

With London came an impressive reach of travelling opportunities, a reach not squandered in his four years there. Each travelled country bred new stories, articles and writing projects and in Peru he wrote his first children’s story, The Moustachio’d Boy.

In recent months, Chester has been completing a television pilot, How To Be Gay, written and filmed last year. He is also preparing his first fringe show, Reporter, to be staged at the 2013 Edinburgh festival.

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