Tali live and acoustic with Harry Leatherby

SUNDAY 24th November - 11.30pm-1pm - Art Beat

One of the most prolific MC's to come out of Drum and Bass in the last ten years, Tali's ability to freestyle and sing soulful, positive and intelligent vocals over the mix, has seen her stay top of her game. She has won numerous awards, had a UK top 40 hit, released three new albums in the last 24 months, and toured the world extensively as both an MC and live act. Tali is now based back in Auckland, New Zealand and is already creating a buzz having toured the country with Mutated Forms, DrumSound and Bassline Smith, SkisM, ReepsOne, The Upbeats, Dirtyphonics, Logistics, and Commix. She has also performed on stage both MCing and with a full live band at La De Da, Rhythm and Alps, Corogold, Summerlands, Splore and Winchfest, Sunshine Shotover Festival, Homegrown and Sounds On over the summer season.

Since being back Tali has completed her fifth album - produced by Christoph Bauschinger and mastered by Evan Short. 'Of Things To Come' is a totally new direction for Tali. Focusing more on an Electro - Pop vibe, This is an album of ten songs showcasing her ability to song write and deliver beautiful lyrics and melodies with big catchy choruses. Tali performs this live and acoustically alongside her good friend and guitarist Harry Leatherby.

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