Christchurch musician Alexander Harmer has just released his debut album. The record took more than two years to make; mainly because Harmer insisted on singing and playing all of the instruments on the album himself, with the exception of drums, as well as taking on production, recording and editing duties. Mixed at The Lab in Auckland by Tui award-winning engineer Olly Harmer, the album is full of lush arrangements, strong melodies and concise, catchy songs.

The album was primarily recorded at home - in bedrooms and lounges - and has been given the glossy studio treatment in post-production to make it sound even bigger. It is a testament to just how much one can achieve on a shoe-string budget, or on no budget at all.

"Usually I try to analyze and nit-pick all the awesome music I hear, but with Alex's album I just want to let the music smash me in the ear over and over, then kiss me better. It's the kind of album I wish I could make." - Godfrey De Grut (Brooke Fraser, Anika Moa, Che Fu).

Harmer is a multi-instrumentalist musician, producer and sound engineer based in Christchurch, New Zealand. You can view the brand-new music video for the first single 'Above the Clouds' right here:  

Alexander Harmer - Elliptical. Available now iTunes -  and Bandcamp  - Official Facebook Page