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*Winner of 'Best Electronic Album 2016 - at the Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards

PACIFIC HEIGHTS  - Buried by the Burden

Pacific Heights (aka Devin Abrams) has an incredible knack for transforming the sonic into the cinematic, as shown in the rich textures, smoky edges, and flaring electronic surges of the rich production on ‘Buried By The Burden’. The composition, coupled with the ethereal performance from guest vocalist Louis Baker is a truly breath-taking piece of music.

“Up-beat and soulful, yet dark and haunting in a way that I can't quite put my finger on.” – Pilerats
“My brain can't quite compartmentalise the glorious milieu of sounds I am experiencing.” – Indie Shuffle


Pacific Heights is the solo electronica project of Wellington-based songwriter, music producer Devin Abrams aka DJ Reno. Best known for the fifteen years he spent as one of the founding members of New Zealand heavy soul band Shapeshifter, of late Devin's focus has returned to his solo work, heralding the arrival of a new album titled The Stillness early 2016. For Devin, The Stillness is a statement on the emotional state that led to the album. "It encapsulates some very deep personal trials and served as a vessel for those pains to be broken," he explains.

Since he began recording as Pacific Heights in 2002, Devin has used his unique command of melody and atmosphere to carve out his own lush takes on jungle/drum & bass, deep house, soul, hip-hop, future beats and beyond. Release by release, and performance by performance, he has continued to assert his importance to electronic music in New Zealand.